The brief was to reinvigorate the outdoor space for Cambridge Cottage, a wedding venue at Kew Gardens. The aim was to create a flexible private space that would be a draw to couples at the weekends but also be a new destination garden for Kew during the week.

The design is based on the growth rings of a tree with the rings expanding from the heartwood at the centre of the garden. As the garden grows outwards the space becomes wilder, more informal, and elements of the wider landscape play a more important role.

We move from a clipped, controlled feel around the cottage towards looser more naturalistic planting with a woodland edge feel by the boundary to Kew Gardens. The mature trees and attractive views are incorporated and built upon to link to the scenery beyond.  Privacy is created with clipped Yew hedges, which along with cubed Hornbeam trees, help delineate the garden’s form. Both add structure and help lead the visitor though the space. Further out these clean lines fragment and are broken, clipped forms become multi-stemmmed trees, inspired by the forestry practice of coppicing.