Movement, Tension, Repetition, Symmetry.

The brief was for a shared garden to be used by two facing studios, with space that could be used by everybody but also some private space for either practice.

The design has been inspired by the linocut ‘The Eight’ by Cyril Power as this artwork captured the excitement of the Modern movement seen in the studio architecture, whilst also having more tranquil and traditional elements that would be better suited to a private garden.

The garden incorporates ‘oar sweeps’ of planting with grasses for movement and plants with arching habits reflecting the curves in ‘The Eight’.

Tension lines in dark resin are set into the floor to pull you through the garden and the design is mirrored for the opposing studio to reflect the symmetry of the artwork.

In the centre of the garden a subtle ripple of water runs the dark face of two water walls giving movement across the surface of the dividing pool.

Polished concrete is used throughout the garden for a clean simple texture to contrast the airy and loose planting.