Set on the edge of a village close to Ascot, the original garden was empty and mainly laid to lawn with views down the length of the space. The clients had recently purchased a section of ancient Bluebell woodland running alongside the property and wanted this to feel integrated with more interest and drama throughout the garden.

The design aims to bring elements of the early landscape back into the garden and create a smoother transition between the modernity of the village to one side through to the woodland on the other.

Drawing inspiration from this ancient bluebell woodland you are led away from the ordered shapes of the modern world and towards the more natural organic forms of the woodland. Around the house are simple rectangular forms reflecting the bricks and building materials of man, but the woodland is encroaching and these simple shapes become consumed and evolve into something more organic.

The form of the garden is based upon the structure of an Oak leaf, with the central path representing the main vein drawing you down and away into the woodland.

Around the house are clean straight lines with planting led by the architectural style, more traditional in the front garden and a more modern naturalistic feel close to the house in the rear.

As you move down through the garden the lines begin to curve and woodland species begin to enter the space.

Main Terrace

Passing through the gate from the front garden you enter the main terrace, with views disappearing down the length of the garden. To your right is the covered terrace and to the left deep beds of planting in a more naturalistic fashion. Taking advantage of this sunny dry spot these beds aim to bring a colourful wild element closer up to the house, peaking in mid-summer but with structure and form throughout the year.

The main terrace is finished with pale grey sandstone to brighten up the area, with clay paving bricks to delineate the paths. These pavers will be laid North to South, leading the eye out from the terrace and into the rest of the garden beyond.

Woodland Glade & Hilltop Grove

This quiet glade is a green and fairly shaded spot that embraces the woodland and offers some respite from the worst of the hot summer sun. Multi-Stem Himalayan Birch provide light shade for the planting beds and some degree of screening, while the space is still open enough to have a woodland edge feel with dappled shade.

Structure and a sense of destination is given to the glade by a naturalistic ring of piled wood repurposed from any trees felled in the creation of the garden. Over time this will weather and become a haven for wildlife. Seating and a firepit can be placed in the centre of the grove for a secluded spot to enjoy the summer evenings.

The hilltop grove is inspired by the ancient barrows in the area and how they begin to look once nature has taken over. In the centre of the grove is a sunken seating area to give a secluded spot upon the hill. The hilltop around the seating area is planted with transparent grasses to give a stronger sense of privacy and to capture the sun and sway in the breeze – giving the space an ethereal quality