Designing a garden is a truly collaborative process and with your input we will work to create a space that represents you.

I offer a range of services, from a complete re-imagining of your garden, right down to helping with a planting scheme in an existing border. Give me a call and we can discuss further.

Every garden is unique but the whole design process generally follows a similar path and can be broken down into a number of stages:

This series of stages allows you to take the journey as far as you would like, from an initial outline design of the space through to monitoring the build of the new garden.

Initial Brief

Our first meeting is really about getting to know each other and for me to understand your hopes for the garden, exactly what you’re looking for, and what influences and excites you in the wider world. I can also get a feel for the space and how it relates to the house, the architecture, and the wider landscape.

I will then use this information as a basis for a brief to design upon – to make sure that the garden fully reflects you and your style and preferences, whilst still meeting your functional requirements.

Following our meeting I will formalise this brief and return it to you for approval along with a scope for the design work, timings and a fee proposal.

Survey and Analysis

Once we’ve agreed upon an initial brief a survey of the site needs to be taken. Depending on the scale of the project this would either be conducted in-house or a full topographical survey will be commissioned. This will give us exact measurements, levels and locations of trees, manholes, buildings etc.

This topographical survey along with a photographic survey and a study of the garden’s soil and aspect etc gives us the facts to sit alongside the brief.

Outline Design

Once the site has been analysed and a design concept formed, I will work this through and develop it into a series of drawings and a presentation to share with you in person. The aim is for me to take you through the space and explain the overall design proposal and how the garden would work.

The discussion of this outline design allows us to further open a dialogue and for your thoughts to be further incorporated into the design. As an outline design the details are yet to be fixed and so any changes or thoughts can be integrated into the design.

Detailed Design

After any changes and pending your approval, we can move the design into the details. This is the stage where the essence of the outline concept is distilled down into nuts and bolts of the design and where we solidify how the garden will be built and planted. It is in these details that good design is made, and so every material selection and construction method is considered to ensure a unity and clarity.

Planting Design

Along with the details, the planting is where the design concept can be realised and enhanced within the garden. This planting will not only be beautiful but will reflect your tastes and requirements, as well as being appropriate to the site conditions so that it will thrive.

Tendering, Project Monitoring & Aftercare

Once detailing is completed, we can move onto actually getting the garden built. I can recommend nominated contractors whose quality of work I respect and can also offer the detailed information out for tender to a number of landscape contractors. Once quotes are received, I can do a cost analysis and we can discuss the best way to move forward.

My mission is to ensure that the project is realised to highest quality in the most efficient and practical manner possible.

I will work closely with you and the landscape contractor to ensure the garden is being built correctly and to the highest standards. This will involve regular site visits to ensure everything is running smoothly.

The first couple of years are crucial for establishing the success of the plants in your new space. I can provide bespoke maintenance plans for the plants within your garden, detailing their maintenance and requirements to ensure everything gets off to a good start. I can also help with recommending gardeners if you are too busy or maintaining the space is not of interest to you.

Part of the beauty of gardens is that they evolve and change over time but I would always recommend periodic visits to catch up and ensure that everything is going well. At these visits I can recommend any adjustments or modifications to plantings to ensure a good balance in the space.